New Motor Installation Norwell

Norwell Garage Door Repair

When your garage door won't go up, but the springs are still intact and in good working condition, the problem is likely the motor. Solving the problem involves replacing the motor, gear and sprocket. While it may be tempting to save some money and do the repair yourself, this is a project best left to the professionals. That's where we can help. We offer the best service for Norwell garage door repair new motors installation, which is cost-effective, safe and reliable.

Removing the old motor includes the taking down the unit, the broken connections and the assembly on the doorframe.

Installing the new motor involves reconnecting the sensors and assembly to a new unit. Once the wires are reattached, the outer assembly can be replaced and the door is ready to use again. Installing a high-efficiency motor will guarantee smooth operation for years to come. That's why choosing a reputable company to do the job. Our company offers the installation of Norwell garage door repair new motor installation with top-notch products and quality construction that is built to last.

We will assist you in choosing the best Norwell garage door repair new motor installation that meets your specific needs. We will go over model choice with you, discuss the amount of horsepower you need to run your garage door most effectively and offer a warranty on the replacement motor to be sure you are completely satisfies with the service. Furthermore, our maintenance plan provides detailed motor inspections to identify small problems before they become bigger, most costly problems.